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[Date] 11/20/01 [Time] 5:28 p.m.

okay.. ummm.. hehe.. *smiles* ... today was such a bad, bad day . you know why?? cause ... report card's day !! eww.. haha.. i hated it.. cause.. let just say.. i did not do very good.. (cough cough) .. *grins* .. teehee.. oooo umm... shastamandy made the honor roll ! *^^* hoooray ! lol ~ congrads to her . and shastami.. not sure.. 3. something... shastalisha ?? hahah.. obligations !! anyways, they went to school today... such a fine day... also bad... oo.. i did not do my native american scientist report.. sooo .. i'm going to do it later... i hope.. i doooo .. really need to bring my grades up by 3rd quarter.. wanna know why.. because i'm going to tryout for cheerleading... on May or June 2002 .. teehee.. hope i'll make it.. hope my grades will be good by then.. *smiles*.. hmmm.. gladis said that she's going to tryout for soccer for next year... hope she do.. hahaha.. and oooo ... tashika better do my hair tomorrow or else there will be some butt-kissin' .. i mean butt-kickin' .. xD one more thing.. i think i will get my own domain soon ! xD


[Date] 11/19/01 [Time] 7:34 p.m.

woo-hoo !! new layout ! this time.. it's a viet singer, beautiful Tu QUYEN ! hope you guys like it.. xP .. keke.. hehe.. oo hey you guys.. the twinz & myra did not come to school today.. wonder why.. haven't called them.. *sniffles*


[Date] 11/18/01 [Time] 10:33 p.m.

viet singer: bao han


[Date] 11/16/01 [Time] 11:10 p.m.

talkin' about today .. it was just a blast off !! lolzz.. *cough* still kinda sick.. but getting better... thank you . thank you..i know yalls love me.. j/k.. well i got home today at about 10:30pm today.. from myra's or the twinz' house.. hehe.. ooo it was soo fun at eliana's house.. we joked a lot today.. *cough cough*  ~ lolzz.. you guys are such funny girls !!.. ohh.. lolzz.. i stole shastalisha geometry quiz.. cause i'm going to have mines on monday.. kekek ** shhh* dont tell her though! lolszz.. ^.^ hehe.. ooo we watched blank check today.. yea it's old.. but still good.. taught me a great big lesson.. that once you have something.. it will sooner be gone.. and love your friends that loves you for who you are but not for what you have... *^^* yupppss ! *smiles* love yoooo shaztahhzz!


[Date] 11/15/01 [Time] 8:03 p.m.

okay.. today .. i stayed after school for a lil while to make up my health exam.. it was an o-k thing.. wasn't too easy.. wasn't too hard.. but just plain-O-k ~ hehe.. yeah.. me(shastaisa), twinz, and shastami supposed to go to the public library today.. but.. unfortunately, not ^^;; .. why? because the twins' aunt from was visiting at that time.. grr... pssh her.. jk jk.. hehe :) .. yuppers.. soooo.. we better do something tomorrow! ooo no.. shastami is gonna go to S. Carolina tomorrow for her college thingy... more grrrss. >\ *frowns* lolzz.. (grins) omg omg ! i'm sooo sick.. *coughs***sneeZe**cough*** i'm sooo tired.. o wells .. still sick.. wanna help me? i dont want to drink medicine.. medicines sucks! oooo and today.. my shastami showed me soisoi aka joanna younger pic.. she looks sooooo purdeee.. hhehe *drools* sike.. imma straight ya heard? lolzz.. wellzz ~ so out ~xoxo 


[Date] 11/14/01 [Time] 9:07 p.m.

yesterday in my neighborhood.. something scary happened.. this neighbor shot his wife 5 times.. but she didn't die.. her son, Micheal... was scared and tried to call 911 .. but then his dad pointed the gun on his forhead and said that if he calls.. then he will shoot him.. "Greg's Mom".. which lives next door.. thought there was a earthquake.. and woke him(greg) up.. ahaha.. but right now.. Micheal's dad is in jail.. and his move is in the hospital.. the polices are searching his house... his dog is still in that house.. hope it won't starve to death.. well.. hope everything will be fine.

@7:58 p.m.

i ditched the twins after school.. i think that we're supposed to meet at Gaithersburg Public Library.. but instead of going to the library.. i went home... i'm sick >:'(

@7:19 p.m.

whoa.. hehe.. today.. i went to school.. yepyep.. but i went at lunchtime.. cause i missed the school bus.. i was going to go with cammi and her friend piere.. but she didn't want to bother him and blah blah.. and my dad.. grr.. he said that if momie takes him to work.. then take us to school.. then.. ((ahem)).. we're not gonna be late to school.. but my momie doubt it.. she said that we're gonna be late.. but my sis... grr.. took his words.. and was like "let just go.. we're not gonna be late.." cause momie gets home at 7:25.. whatever.. this don't even makes sense.. lolzz.. but ya.. so we were like late.. anddd.. we didn't want another lunch detention.. soooo ahahha... course momie drove us back home.. keke... cammi stayed home.. and i went outside to catch the ride-on bus at 10:07am ..haha.. and the bus came at like.... 10:40.. hehe.. yahh... and i got to school at like.. uhh... 11:15 .. half of my lunchtime period.. i'm such a good girl.. keke.. *smiles* >D


[Date] 11/13/01 [Time] 3:03 p.m.

today.. *cough cough* lisa and cammi still did not come to school.. whatta losers they are.. sike.. we're sick! ~_~ .. and *aheM* .. Javaneh! you evil girl! did not come to school also.. she's sick like us too.. keke.. wooo.. but alicia and amanda went to school.. o yeahh... soisoi did not come to school either.. teehee.. so many people skipping these days.. lolz.. jk ..jk.. darns. i dunno what to put on this website... sucks isn't it.. and darnss i want that leg stretching machine.. shoot.. hahaha *cough* i'm soo sick.. anywayzzz allz... luv yooo x tehee :)


[Date] 11/12/01 [Time] 9:44 p.m.

first day this page is finally up and got some spice.. sike.. neways.. today lisa and cammi didn't go to school.. they we're too lazy.. oh .. and by the way.. this weblog right would be lisa typing.. shastaisa ! hehe.. anywayzs right now it's soo late.. hehe.. 9:47pm.. dammn n i sure do need to call that butt muncher joanna aka soisoi.. arghz.. need to ask her for the vocab list on.. sat #2 and that outline crap coz i left it in school.. what a fool i am.. ^^;; .. whatever.. anyways.. sleepy.. -_-.. waiting for my sis to get off the phone.. so i can call joanna ^.^


[Date] 11/08/01 [Time] Unknown

* hmm today.. we went to the gaithersburg public biblioteca.. and den ahemmm* we went to the twinz shastah 's house.. chill eat.. cheese - cake ! hehe.. twins ate chili rice wif beans and um eggs.. shastaisa did not.. she drank the umm.. the twinz icetea.. kekeke.. laughs a lot.. i - mean a lot too!!!! whoaaa now.. lolzzz.. sooooo much fun ~~ hehe oh and now there's a boi in our group... he is the shastoh!! teeeheee*

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